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Facilities / Operations Readiness

Ensure assets are ready for start up with TrackerChecks ORA module

  • Comprehensive Readiness Assessment: The ORA module meticulously evaluates all assets against pre-defined operational criteria, ensuring each component meets the necessary standards for a safe and efficient start-up.
  • Real-Time Progress Tracking: Stay informed with live updates and detailed tracking of readiness stages, allowing for immediate corrective actions and streamlined decision-
  • Documentation and Compliance Integration: Effortlessly manage and access all compliance documentation and certifications in one place, guaranteeing that assets not only meet internal standards but also adhere to regulatory requirements.

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Mobile Driven Walk Downs

Paper, hybrid, or full digital. TrackerCheck can support any level of digitalization and allow for transitioning between them, even mid-project.

  • Flexible Platform Adaptation: TrackerCheck supports various levels of digital maturity, from traditional paper processes to advanced digital environments, with tools that enable easy switching and adaptation at any project stage.
  • Real-Time Data Synchronization: Whether you’re transitioning from paper to digital or enhancing a hybrid setup, TrackerCheck ensures that data remains synchronized across all platforms, reducing errors and increasing efficiency.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed for ease of use, TrackerCheck’s interface facilitates smooth transitions between digital states, ensuring all team members can adapt quickly without extensive training.

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Democratizing Integrations with an Open API and Leading Software Partners

Industry leading integrations and an Open API- the best of all worlds

  • Open API Accessibility: TrackerCheck’s open API democratizes the integration process, allowing users to easily connect with a variety of software partners and tools, fostering innovation and customization.
  • Seamless Partner Ecosystem: Leverage relationships with leading software partners to enhance functionality and streamline workflows, ensuring that users have access to the best tools available.
  • Flexible and Scalable Solutions: Adapt to the evolving needs of your business with scalable integrations that grow with you, promoting efficiency and supporting diverse operational demands.

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Functionality Developed to Help Your Project Run Smoother

CMS software designed for future projects now

Project Standardization

Achieve consistency and quality in every project with our advanced templating features, designed to streamline processes and set a high standard of excellence.

Seamless Integrations

 Connect with industry-leading tools like PowerBI and, creating a unified workflow that brings all your project elements together effortlessly.

Rapid Implementation

With TrackerTech, transition from planning to action in record time, ensuring your project is up and running with full functionality faster than ever before.

Smart ITRs

Elevate your inspection and test records with our intelligent solutions, providing you with clear, actionable insights to drive project success.

Performance KPIs

Monitor your project’s pulse with real-time KPI tracking, allowing you to stay ahead of trends and optimize your operational efficiency.

Data-Driven Decision Making

See beyond the numbers to the story they tell. TrackerTech’s analytics transform data into strategic knowledge, enabling smarter, informed decisions that propel your projects forward.

Custom Fields

Tailor TrackerTech to your project’s unique requirements with customizable fields, ensuring that every vital piece of data can be captured and utilized for granular analysis and tailored reporting.

Insightful Data Analytics

Dive deeper with TrackerTech’s insightful analytics, unearthing underlying patterns and intelligence to enhance forecasting, optimize workflows, and boost project outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about TrackerCheck from frequently asked questions.

How does the database integrate with existing systems and software? 

TrackerCheck has integrated with several leading software’s and offer immediate direct integration. Additionally, clients can take advantage of the Open API from TrackerCheck to integrate into any software of their choosing.

I’ve never used a CMS software before. If I sign up will I have support from the Tracker team to get started?  

Absolutely! Our client success manager is here to help provide guidance for you. If you want to take advantage of our project expertise, we can help to develop your database on an hourly basis with in house database administrators.

Can the database handle real-time data entry and reporting? 

Yes! There are several ways to input data, but the database is designed to be flexible and user friendly. Whether it’s a one off record to input, or thousands of records imported from a spreadsheet, TrackerCheck offers a flexible method for data entry. As always, our support team is here to help in any way.

What security measures are in place to protect sensitive project data? 

We utilize industry leading technology to develop and run our software including AWS, Cognito, and Azure. All data is encrypted from end to end and protected. We will never sell your data to third parties. We also perform penetration testing on all current software and new updates.

What kind of support and training do you provide for new users? 

We have full walkthroughs of the software immediately available for new users and our client success manager will provide as much or as little hands-on support as needed while you get the database set up for success. We can also provide fully managed services, paid on a simple hourly basis, for your project so you can focus on driving the project forward.

How scalable is the software for handling projects of varying sizes and complexities? 

TrackerCheck is easily scalable for projects of all scopes and sizes. The importance of document management and technical integrity is paramount on projects, and we’ve designed the software to be flexible for data loading and management. The Tracker Technologies team will be there to help every step of the way.

What are the analytics and reporting capabilities of the software? 

We have designed TrackerCheck to leverage the latest data analytics technologies including PowerBI, Microsoft Fabric and datalake, and Copilot for evolving generative AI. As your project progresses, the software can provide you with keen insights into productivity, potential risks to pay attention to, and look ahead planning to ensure your as efficient as possible. Tracker Technologies also has data scientists and analysts that can help glean advanced insights from data as an additional add on support for TrackerCheck clients.

How does the licensing work and am I required to buy a long-term license?  

The central thesis for Tracker Technologies is ease of use and rapid implementation and close out. Thus, our clients can easily sign up directly from the Tracker Technologies website and be up and running in as little as one day. For project licenses, there are no long term contracts, and clients can spin up new projects directly within the software and be billed automatically. For larger scale licenses such as business unit or enterprise licenses, we have a one and three year option with pricing discounts for both. If clients aren’t completely satisfied within the first three months, we will do everything in our power to make it right including a refund or free assessment to make sure the software works for you.

When projects are complete, clients can cancel their license and Tracker Technologies will retain data for 30 days. Clients can also pay a reduced rate and Tracker Technologies will retain all data and maintain previous projects so when new projects come up, you can use the previous project as a template to reduce set up time.

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