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Is Your Asset Ready for Operations?

Utilize TrackerPrep to ensure the facility and operator are prepared for ownership at the time of handover


What is TrackerPrep Used For?

As part of the Tracker Technologies Asset Integrity Assurance Suite, TrackerPrep is a dedicated management system designed to identify, assign, manage, report and complete all activities required to prepare the facility and operator for ultimate ownership at the point of handover.

An Integral Piece of Your Digital Transformation Journey

TrackerPrep is a fully digital solution that integrates into your facilities readiness workflow to augment the process to ensure flawless readiness and operational excellence with a full audit trail, historical record, and complete transparency. 

Our Implementation Philosophy

1. Plan

Plan, specify and communicate your Corporate Global FR Standard and associated project templates.

2. Do

Allocation of specific projects, 

assigning responsibilities and timescales, responsible parties update system with progress, problems and deliverables.

3. Check

Managers monitor in real-time progress per project,  

Audit/Self-Assessment tool – Spiders Web diagram

4. Improve

Progress Reports during project execution, lessons learned, feedback loop,

Change Management.

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